Instructor Profiles
Anastasia Barabanova

was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in a very artistic family. Her mother is a writer and her father is a philosopher. Early in her childhood, her father noticed her talent for art and sent her to an art school for young children. Later she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg. She graduated in 2004 with a Masterʼs of Fine Arts.

Anastasia (Rose Eysmond) lives and works in Vancouver, BC and is continuously inspired by the beauty of its nature and scenery. Her medium of choice is oil and acrylic on canvas, which is an ideal match to her symbolic style that bridges the gap between classical school painting and decorative art. Her paintings often contain figurative elements that transcend the reality of everyday life. 

Brittney Bergen

Brittney Bergen graduated from Emily Carr University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as a photography major. She is a multi-disciplinary artist who loves to inspire creativity and imagination in children and in the health care system. She believes in the healing power of art and the communities it builds. In her own art she likes to explore nature, dreams, and nostalgia.

Corey Bullock

 is thrilled to be teaching with The North Vancouver Community Arts Council.  Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Corey now lives and works in Vancouver, BC as a theatre artist, writer, and educator.  She studied at Langara College – Studio 58, and The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.  Corey has a passion for learning new things, making lasting memories, and helping others find their creative voice.

Tim Carlson

Tim Carlson has been teaching improv and theatre for the last five years across Canada and the United States. He performs all around town at different comedy venues with his group Lorax as well as Little Mountain Improv and recent theatre credits include Jack and the Bean at The Presentation House, and Hotel Bethlehem at the Firehall Arts Center. Most recently he stars in the television show Young Drunk Punk on CBC. He is also a graduate of Studio 58.   

Maryan Cerina

is a visual artist and teacher with 28 years teaching experience. She brings her passion for children and art together as a children’s art instructor, developing and teaching art programmes in communities around BC and internationally.

Caitlin ffrench

is a textile artist living in East Vancouver. She works with natural dyes and natural fibres- and prefers the forest to anything else. Clothing self-sufficiency is the driving force for her to reach to her landbase and her own abilities for textiles, and not take part in the fast fashion that has overtaken our world. An example of this is she grew her own flax linen in the summer of 2013.   ffrench received her BFA from the University of British Columbia in 2007, and attended the Kootenay School of Art in 2004/05 for textiles. 

Kirstn Hawson

 is a British singer/songwriter/actress who branched out into teaching, arranging, conducting, and mentoring over 15 years ago. She is experienced in working with social and emotionally at-risk youth as well as youths with Asberger's and dyslexia. She runs her owns vocal studio where she specializes in developing young talent and works at The Fraser Academy as the Voice & Performance teacher. She has previously worked at The Sarah McLachlan School of Music and The Shadbolt Centre as well as many places in the UK and Asia.  She also works with many local bands as an arranger/producer as well as in Nashville and LA.

Cath Hughes

 is a practising artist and educator.  She has a BFA from Oxford University, an MA in Museum and Gallery Education from University of London, UK, and has taught art for many years in schools and galleries.  She enjoys nothing more than getting her hands mucky whilst working through creative ideas with kids.

Sarah Lubbe

is a recent graduate from Simon Fraser University recieving her BFA in theatre performance.  She is passionate about teaching drama to all and encourages an inclusive and positive atmosphere.  She enjoys clowning, singing and is actively involved in a composers collective and the arts community.  Sarah loves to help all children find their creative voice though play and improvisation.  She will be completing her yoga teacher training in 2016.

Natalie Moor

 has had the opportunity to share her interest in art making with children for several years.  She holds a fine arts diploma from Capilano University and B.F.A from Emily Carr with a major in sculpture.   She sees art as a useful tool for investigating and deepening one’s relationship with their environment (and self !).  She finds joy in teaching students just how related art is to so many seemingly different subjects. 

Sepideh Saii

is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in North Vancouver. Her work has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan. Saii has coordinated cultural events and visual arts exhibitions, as well as taught courses at the School for the Contemporary Arts (SFU) and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She received her BFA in Integrated Media from Emily Carr University in 2003 and an MA at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, England in 2009.

Mischa Shadloo

Mischa Shadloo is a Theatre maker living and working in Vancouver, and will be finishing her degree in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University next year. Mischa is most interested in the idea of play and collectively devising theatre and how that can create wonderful and wacky original creations. 

Jessica Silvey

Jessica is a self taught weaver of Coast Salish and Portugese descent, of the Silvey family of Egmont, BC. Many of her childhood hours were spent with her paternal Grandmother in the forest. It is her favourite place to be, surrounded by cedar trees and silence. She learned traditional techniques from research as well as trial and error. Jessica harvests and prepares her own materials. When she is ready to weave, the most time consuming work has been completed. It is her passion as well as therapy for her soul.

Joanna Vogiatzaki

 is a mixed media artist and project curator with international work experience in art education, community arts, environment, and outreach arenas for children and young people.  Joanna studied her BA Hons in Fine Art Practice & Community with Education Studies at Middlesex University and a foundation in art at Chelsea Collage of Art and Design in London. She is passionate about providing fun, creative and expressive arts workshops and projects for children and young people.