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City Atrium Gallery with Robin Ripley
The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to announce a NEW exhibition space, the City Atrium Gallery. Through a partnership with the City of North Vancouver we have developed a new exhibition space at City Hall that focuses on  installation art, a form of three-dimensional sculptural work designed to intrigue, animate, inspire, and transform the perception of a space. 
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Current Exhibition:

Sande Waters and Kathryn O'Regan
May 12 - July 6, 2015
In Conversation:  Collaborative Paintings
Artist Talk: Tuesday, June 2, 12:15 - 12:45pm

 Please join Kathryn and Sande as they discuss the inspiration and process behind creating collaborative pieces.

In Conversation: Collaborative Paintings is a series of conversations between Sande Waters and Kathryn Gibson O’Regan.  The theme, tone and line of works are representative of discussions regarding their life experiences and challenges.

 Sande Waters and Kathryn O'Regan at City Atrium Gallery


The act of creating art is often described as a dialogue involving a conversation between the artist and the work.

Working collaboratively creates a unique dynamic, which combines spontaneous communication between the artists and the work. Creative conflict is a reality of collaborative art. It is expected that discussion and occasionally, debate may arise over the direction of the work.

The collaborative work has been a huge joint effort, with both Kathryn and Sande understanding each other and working toward a mutual goal.

Kathryn O’Regan is often asked why she creates art and her answer is, “this is who I am; an artist.” As a maker of art, the process fulfills a need to build meaning in order to understand the cycle of life.

Sande Waters relates her paintings, drawings and photographs to the language of iconic feminine symbols and archetypal imagery.

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