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City Atrium Gallery with Robin Ripley
The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is proud to announce a NEW exhibition space, the City Atrium Gallery. Through a partnership with the City of North Vancouver we have developed a new exhibition space at City Hall that focuses on  installation art, a form of three-dimensional sculptural work designed to intrigue, animate, inspire, and transform the perception of a space. 
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Current Exhibition:

Kim Stewart:  A Thread Runs Through It
July 13 - October 14, 2016
Artist Talk:  Tuesday, 19, 12:15-12:45pm
Please join Kim as she shares her inspiration behind this installation and her explorations of Métis identity.

blankets by Kim Stewart

In A Thread Runs Through It, Métis artist Kim Stewart explores how blankets have been used as a form of currency in the history of this country, given often as a sign of goodwill, generosity and peace. However, Kim wonders if historically, like the poisonous Nessus shirt Hercules unwittingly gave to his wife, blankets were used in the assimilation and near destruction of a worldview; and if so, perhaps the blanket can be a participant in the rebuilding of that worldview.

Kim Stewart has been creating in the field of visual arts for more than 20 years. She is a descendant of a Canadian Métis Fur Trade family. She is interested in exploring cultural adaptation and Métis identity. Her work expresses a strong connection to the land and people in her life. Kim works in diverse art forms from traditional aboriginal art practices like caribou hair tufting and beadwork appliqué to contemporary painting, drawing and textile art. She has earned diplomas in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration and holds a Master’s Degree in Art Education. Along with her artistic practice, Kim teaches visual arts at a college in Northern British Columbia. Kim can be found at

City Atrium Gallery, North Vancouver City Hall, 141 West 14th Street  l  Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm