District Foyer Gallery

Artist: Emily Tanguay PelchatThe District Foyer Gallery is part of the Art in the Community Programme facilitated by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council in partnership with the District of North Vancouver. This programme enables emerging artists to gain exposure and experience the professional orchestration of an exhibition in a public environment. It also exposes the public to art in non-traditional environments. 

District Foyer Gallery, District Hall of North Vancouver, 355 West Queens Road
District Hall Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Current Exhibition:

Enda Bardell and Francisco Ortiz at the District Foyer Gallery
District Foyer Gallery
October 19 - December 5, 2016


Journey by Enda Bardell spotted maple bowl by Francisco Ortiz


Enda Bardell
Field of Vision is a collection of watercolour paintings from around Greater Vancouver and vicinity, British Columbia, and the Yukon, painted on location or from reference photos in my studio.
I love exploring patterns in the sky, trees and landscapes, blending the colours on watercolour paper, never quite knowing the outcome, which makes painting watercolour so exciting!  endabardell.com

Francisco Ortiz
Francisco Ortiz started playing with wood as a child in Mexico City. He enjoys working with whatever woods are available, sometimes recycled and often combining different varieties, local and tropical, resulting in unique pieces of art. Recently Ortiz has been creating abstract human figures in active poses.


North Vancouver District Hall
355 West Queens Road
Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm