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Art for Kiran is an opportunity to explore the world. She strives to snatch a little piece of the beauty in common things that to her are marvellous and celebrate the living, the vivid, and the genuine with a pencil, pen, crayon or brush.

Kiran is intrigued by nature and its ability to capture an audience in an instant and stand testament to forces beyond our imagination. Her work focuses on that which makes her smile, think, and remember. She experiments with mediums, styles, and always, always, uses as much colour as she possibly can.

"I pour into my art in hopes of capturing something of the original but usually end up savouring the effort itself. In some way, some part of me wants to set up a timeless, perpetual encore for my subject. I hope that viewers of my work find something to appreciate, something to take away and something to inspire them to discover a muse of their own."

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