David Young  at District Foyer Gallery
January 13 - March 15, 2016

Laurel Swenson, Pat Schendel, Brandon Martin at District Foyer Library

Laurel Swenson
Laurel Swenson’s art is process-driven and abstract in an effort to create paintings that are reminiscent and emotional. Each painting is a visual expression of emotion, struggle, and acceptance, externalized through paint and materials.
“I am particularly interested in the theme of transition, struggle and growth. The work is created with a carefully balanced combination of gestural mark-making, evocative colour palettes, and loose painting.”
Laurel attended SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts and Emily Carr University of Art and Design and is known internationally for her video work.

Pat Schendel and Brandon Martin
Pat fell in love with crystalline porcelain after years of working with clay. She has been mentoring Brandon in the crystalline technique and together they will exhibit a nature inspired and experimental show of Metallic Black and Blue Crystalline and Lava Flows and Tide Pools.
Crystallines are a specialty glaze technique that utilizes a smooth porcelain body and a high zinc content glaze. It is a complex process with multiple opportunities for failure. “It seems that nothing is too much work, when you are in love with crystals,” says Pat of the process.
Pat and Brandon showcase their work across the lower mainland and Brandon recently won the prestigious Award of Merit for his body of work “Crystalline Porcelains” at Chilliwack Arts Council Gallery.  Read more about crystalline porcelain here.

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